2016 Race Report: Part 4

KC RR 11

NW Cup #5, Mt Hood


After Silver Mountain, I was anxious to race again, I felt like I needed to get a demon out of me. The track this time around was rougher, and had knocked loose many rocks compared to the prior race. The weather for this race was awesome for Friday and Saturday, warm and sunny.

KC RR 12

I had been thinking I wanted to size up from a large V-10 to an XL, to get some more room on the bike and make it more stable. After practice on Friday, I knew it was time to do so. I was having a hard time getting comfortable on the bike and felt my knees hit the crowns in aggressive corners. The bike rode well though, and soaked up all the bumps and pedaled like a dream.

KC RR 13

On Sunday morning, very early, it started to downpour. I was really not excited to ride my bike, there was standing water everywhere and it was going to rain all day. During practice I was sliding around all over the place and struggling to find grip on the now mud covered rocks and slippery clay high-speed turns. My race run went better than I would have expected, despite the pouring rain and lack of vision. I had one pretty big mistake, but didn’t crash or go off the track. I ended up 14th/24. Not the run I had hoped for, but neither were the conditions.

Kris Christensen

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