2016 Race Report: Part 2


W Cup #3, Mt. Hood

Mount Hood is always a track I look forward to go back and race. It’s long, fast, gnarly, and has some of the best high speed rocky sections in the PNW. With the average snow year, the trail crew had some good moisture to work with and rebuild most of the track. This left the track in awesome shape and running smoother than ever. However, it also make the track much faster than it had ever been before.


The V-10 felt amazing all practice on Friday and Saturday, soaking up the high speed chatter and staying composed when negotiating the big hits. I struggled to find the right tire pressure for the slower and more techy woods, but also have the puncture and flat resistant higher pressure for the fast rocky sections. I ended up settling on higher pressure to hopefully not flat and just deal with the lesser grip in the woods.


Sunday morning practice went well. I hit all of my lines on my second run and decided that was enough. In my race run, I hit all my lines cleanly on the top half. In the middle of a rock garden at the beginning of the bottom half I burped my tire pretty good, which left me with a fairly soft tire. I carried on and pushed as hard as I could with a squishy tire. I ended up running a 3:41.52 which was 21 seconds faster than my fastest run at Hood. I was pretty excited about that! I ended up not in a so great spot, but was happy to have not crashed and rode cleanly in my run. I ended up 18/25. Looking to improve, I was excited to go to Silver Mountain for our next race.

Kris Christensen

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