2016 Race Report: Part 1


Northwest Cup #2/ Pro GRT #1, Port Angeles

The GRT is an awesome race that I was really looking forward to, seeing all the friends from different corners of the country and riding bikes with them. The track we raced was the same as years prior for the GRT, a steep and techy top 1/3rd, fast and 2/3rd, and fast and rough bottom 3/3rd. This was also the first time I has seen our kits for the year. The Fox FlexAir DH Gear looked great, it was comfortable to wear, and made all of us stand out. The Rampage blew my expectations out of the water. It is light, stylish, and feel very protective on your head.

I had ridden the track we raced quite a bit during the winter and was looking forward to racing it. With the usual dry April weather we were having, I decided to try a few more of the bigger, high consequence lines. All went well and felt great, the V-10 was handling all the large hits and high speeds very well. I was looking forward to qualifying on Saturday evening, but still was slightly nervous for my first must qualify to race run.


With 20 minutes until the start of seeding, the weather changed from the awesome dry conditions, to a steady downpour of big Pacific Northwest rain drops. As I hastily switched goggles out for a pair with tear offs and changed tire pressure, I began to get excited for the conditions that would play well to my skills set. I felt good as I left the gate in my Qualifying run, loose and a level head. The first 1/3rd of my race run went well, smooth and fast. The beginning of the 2/3rd of my run went very well, hitting corners hard and fast. However, before I knew it, I was on the ground. I leaned too much with my body in a corner, which wasn’t a problem in the dry, but was not the case in the wet. I tried to get up quickly, but my bike was in the bushed and wrapped up in the tape. I attempted to put in a good run despite my crash, knowing that others would crash with the wet. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to make the cut for Sunday. Out of the 90 pro men, they took 60.

Kris Christensen

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