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KC RR 17

2016 Race Report: Part 6

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Cascadia Championships, Port Angeles

The Cascadia Championships was a new race for us this year. There was an Enduro and DH aspect to the event. The DH was unique in that all categories ran the exact same rack. This was so that people could compare their times to different categories. I was really excited for this race when I had originally heard the track we would be racing, a trail with a lot of natural doubles and ripping corners. But, then that changed, they decided to run us down a fairly tame track that would have been more suited to a trail bike.

KC RR 18
I had adjusted more to the new V-10 by this weekend, and was really enjoying the size difference. I felt like I could push harder but be more comfortable on the bike. It had so much more grip in turns than the Large, as well. =The weekend was a blast overall, riding with friends and practicing the track in between fun laps down different tracks.

KC RR 19
In my race run I pushed, as I wanted a good result to finish the season on. It was going well, hitting corners strong and carrying speed. When I got to the bottom third that was pretty pumpy and traversing, I realized I had a slow leak in my rear tire. I tried to carry as much speed as I could, but 4 corners from the finish, it was totally flat. I ended with a 12/15. Pretty bummin’. Time to invest in Procore.

KC RR 20
Looking Forward
2016 was a great year, even though it might not seem like it. I learned a ton about racing and myself. It was an awesome opportunity to grow and become a better racer. After riding, training, and practicing with the usual top 10 contenders for the Pro Men in the NW Cup, I know I have that speed, I just need to start racing that way. I’m looking forward to racing in 2017, and can hopefully start getting consistent top 10’s in a very fierce field full of talent.
I’m also looking forward to riding with Andrew again. It was a tough season not having him to practice with, talk lines, and work on bike set-up. It has been exciting seeing him ride again and see him so excited about bikes. Hopefully we can make Mojo Wheels proud with some solid results in Cat 1 and Pro.
As usual, it has been so awesome to have the support of Mojo Wheels. The kits were amazing, the best looking yet! Andrew and I are very thankful to have the support of such a great group of people at the shop.

KC RR 14

2016 Race Report: Part 5

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NW Cup #7, Stevens Pass

For the final NW Cup race, we went to Stevens Pass and raced a brand new track. I was pretty excited to be racing a new track for everyone. No one had any chance to pre-ride the track, everyone was in the same boat. The track was super loamy and full of fun ruts and pockets to turn in. It was a fairly short track, with pretty rapid elevation loss at the top. This was also my first time riding the new XL V-10. Boy it was an adjustment, it is a big bike! I spent most of the weekend trying to figure out body position on it and how to ride it.

KC RR 15
Friday and Saturday were spent practicing lines and trying to memorize the track. With the loamy conditions it was very fun to follow people to see how different lines rode. On Saturday before seeding, I had a pretty good crash in a corner that was deteriorating quickly. I was happy to get a crash out of the way and hopefully over with for the weekend. I had a disappointing crash in my seeding run. I went to use turn in a rut that I had been hitting all weekend, to find that it had been pushed through and was no longer existent. I got back up and rode down. I seeded 17th out of 25, which was a surprise. It gave me some hope, thinking I could put together a run to get close to the top 10.

KC RR 16
On Sunday I did 4 practice runs, much more than usual. I was having a hard time finding the speed I had on the track again. It had deteriorated even more after seeding and the morning practice runs. I was a little frustrated having not ridden well in the mornings practice, but was hopeful for a good race run. My race run didn’t go as I would have hopped though. It was one of those runs where you could just feel time slipping away from you. I ended up only running a time that was 3 seconds faster than my seeding time with a crash. That was pretty frustrating, I didn’t know what happened. I ended up 19th/ 25, sadly.

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