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KC RR 11

2016 Race Report: Part 4

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NW Cup #5, Mt Hood


After Silver Mountain, I was anxious to race again, I felt like I needed to get a demon out of me. The track this time around was rougher, and had knocked loose many rocks compared to the prior race. The weather for this race was awesome for Friday and Saturday, warm and sunny.

KC RR 12

I had been thinking I wanted to size up from a large V-10 to an XL, to get some more room on the bike and make it more stable. After practice on Friday, I knew it was time to do so. I was having a hard time getting comfortable on the bike and felt my knees hit the crowns in aggressive corners. The bike rode well though, and soaked up all the bumps and pedaled like a dream.

KC RR 13

On Sunday morning, very early, it started to downpour. I was really not excited to ride my bike, there was standing water everywhere and it was going to rain all day. During practice I was sliding around all over the place and struggling to find grip on the now mud covered rocks and slippery clay high-speed turns. My race run went better than I would have expected, despite the pouring rain and lack of vision. I had one pretty big mistake, but didn’t crash or go off the track. I ended up 14th/24. Not the run I had hoped for, but neither were the conditions.

Kris Christensen


2016 Race Report: Part 3

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NW Cup #4, Silver Mountain

Silver Mountain is my favorite place to race, due to ripping turns, dusty trails, and short lap times. The track at Silver is a sub 2:30 track, with the top 3 usually around 2:12-2:15. The track had a little bit of everything in it, off camber rocky turns, dusty loose turns, big drops and jumps, roots, and lots of lines to be had. This year was quite a bit different than years prior, it wasn’t overly dusty to the point of not being able to see holes.


I spent Friday trying new lines and seeing what worked. It was awesome being able to see all the holes, rocks, and roots that were covered by dust in previous years. I changed up the compression on my fork and shock quite a bit to handle the bigger hits, adding a whole lot of low speed compression to fork and shock. This really helped absorb the big compressions, but also keep the bike higher in its travel and more composed.


Saturday was a pretty interesting day, the weather was a mixture of snow, rain, hail, and lightening. Due to the unusual weather, our practice was cut short by 2 hours. I was comfortable with all my lines and was alright with it, though. We did end up running our seeding runs later in the day, though. By then, the dirt had absorbed all the moisture and was fairly dry. I took my seeding run fairly conservative, just cruising and hitting all my lines. When I got to the bottom, I was surprised to see the time I put down. It was respectable and put me just outside the top 10, out of 25 pro men.

KC RR 10

Sunday Morning I did 3 runs for practice, one chill run to check things out and two at speed. Everything went well and the V-10 felt great. I was very excited to race, knowing I could improve on my time and hopefully, end up somewhere in the top 10. As I sat in the gate, I was calm and ready to put down a run. After I heard the third beep, I left the gate pedaling hard. In the middle of the first corner I heard a loud pshh and felt liquid hitting my calf. It couldn’t be? Really? I hit a very sharp rock with my rear wheel, leaving a sizable hole in the casing of my Magic Mary that the Stan’s wasn’t able to seal. I was extremely disappointed and frustrated, I didn’t even make it past the first corner. A big DNF for me.

Kris Christensen


2016 Race Report: Part 2

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W Cup #3, Mt. Hood

Mount Hood is always a track I look forward to go back and race. It’s long, fast, gnarly, and has some of the best high speed rocky sections in the PNW. With the average snow year, the trail crew had some good moisture to work with and rebuild most of the track. This left the track in awesome shape and running smoother than ever. However, it also make the track much faster than it had ever been before.


The V-10 felt amazing all practice on Friday and Saturday, soaking up the high speed chatter and staying composed when negotiating the big hits. I struggled to find the right tire pressure for the slower and more techy woods, but also have the puncture and flat resistant higher pressure for the fast rocky sections. I ended up settling on higher pressure to hopefully not flat and just deal with the lesser grip in the woods.


Sunday morning practice went well. I hit all of my lines on my second run and decided that was enough. In my race run, I hit all my lines cleanly on the top half. In the middle of a rock garden at the beginning of the bottom half I burped my tire pretty good, which left me with a fairly soft tire. I carried on and pushed as hard as I could with a squishy tire. I ended up running a 3:41.52 which was 21 seconds faster than my fastest run at Hood. I was pretty excited about that! I ended up not in a so great spot, but was happy to have not crashed and rode cleanly in my run. I ended up 18/25. Looking to improve, I was excited to go to Silver Mountain for our next race.

Kris Christensen


2016 Race Report: Part 1

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Northwest Cup #2/ Pro GRT #1, Port Angeles

The GRT is an awesome race that I was really looking forward to, seeing all the friends from different corners of the country and riding bikes with them. The track we raced was the same as years prior for the GRT, a steep and techy top 1/3rd, fast and 2/3rd, and fast and rough bottom 3/3rd. This was also the first time I has seen our kits for the year. The Fox FlexAir DH Gear looked great, it was comfortable to wear, and made all of us stand out. The Rampage blew my expectations out of the water. It is light, stylish, and feel very protective on your head.

I had ridden the track we raced quite a bit during the winter and was looking forward to racing it. With the usual dry April weather we were having, I decided to try a few more of the bigger, high consequence lines. All went well and felt great, the V-10 was handling all the large hits and high speeds very well. I was looking forward to qualifying on Saturday evening, but still was slightly nervous for my first must qualify to race run.


With 20 minutes until the start of seeding, the weather changed from the awesome dry conditions, to a steady downpour of big Pacific Northwest rain drops. As I hastily switched goggles out for a pair with tear offs and changed tire pressure, I began to get excited for the conditions that would play well to my skills set. I felt good as I left the gate in my Qualifying run, loose and a level head. The first 1/3rd of my race run went well, smooth and fast. The beginning of the 2/3rd of my run went very well, hitting corners hard and fast. However, before I knew it, I was on the ground. I leaned too much with my body in a corner, which wasn’t a problem in the dry, but was not the case in the wet. I tried to get up quickly, but my bike was in the bushed and wrapped up in the tape. I attempted to put in a good run despite my crash, knowing that others would crash with the wet. Sadly, it wasn’t enough to make the cut for Sunday. Out of the 90 pro men, they took 60.

Kris Christensen

Voluntary Fox Float X2 Shock Recall

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Fox Suspension has officially announced a voluntary recall on all Float X2 shocks sold and distributed before September 2016. This voluntary recall involves all model year 2016 and some 2017 FLOAT X2 bicycle rear shock absorbers sold both individually and installed on YT, Giant, Pivot, Intense, Ibis, Scott, Trek, GT, Knolly, Norco, Rocky Mountain, Diamondback, Morpheus, Foes Racing, Orbea, and Canyon full-suspension mountain bikes and frames. The solid black or black and gold FLOAT X2 shocks have an air sleeve construction. FLOAT X2 is printed on the external reservoir connected to the blue compression and red rebound adjusters that have X2 and RVS laser etched on them. Recalled shocks do not have a “250 psi max” label directly under the air fill boss on the outer sleeve of the shock. If you have one of the affected 6,100 shocks then please either bring it by the shop or go to and initiate the recall process yourself.

Fox will be repairing all affected shocks with a newly designed air can which will feature a set screw to prevent the shock from rupturing under too much air pressure.


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