Mountain bike wheels and wheelsets are built strong and tough so they can stand up to the abuse of trail riding and keep on rolling true. Our selection of mountain bike wheels from manufacturers such as Enve, Industry Nine, Stans No Tubes DT Swiss and more offer plenty of rugged choices.

We don’t always have access to a chairlift, and there aren’t always people and roads around for shuttling our favorite descents. As such, we dreamed of a wheelset that was light enough to pedal to the top of the biggest mountain in the most remote of places, yet strong and reliable enough to bomb down it.

Industry Nine

Lightweight. The new Torch hub and spoke platform have cut an incredible amount of weight without sacrificing strength or performance. The tapered spokes are thicker without being heavy, the hubshell is lighter without loosing it’s strength, and the drivering is thinner while maintaining it’s quick engagement

Stans No Tubes

Strong enough to own multiple Downhill World Cup wins and born for Enduro racing, our Flow EX rims and wheelsets are still light enough for all-day epics. Low-profile Bead Socket Technology design let your tires expand to their full volume for unmatched cornering, faster acceleration, and less rolling resistance. Flow EX rims and wheelsets are ready for any ride, anywhere.

DT Swiss

Each year riders go faster, jump further and look for more demanding terrain. In cooperation with the world’s best athletes of various disciplines DT Swiss develops a wide range of MTB wheels. DT Swiss has the right wheel for your perfect ride.


Wheels designed to conquer the most technical terrain require the highest level of technology. These wheels need to be built to withstand high-speed runs through rock gardens and trail features that would give many riders pause—all while being light enough to power up the climbs.


Trying to shed some weight off of your Downhill or All Mountain race bike, but don’t want to compromise durability? Full UST tubeless compatibility right out of the box means fewer flats and an end to the headaches involved with “ghetto tubeless”. The features don’t end there.


Well engineered and high value is what best defines the WTB rim line up. Weather it be the Frequency series I Beam technology or the KOM’s open air high volume design you will end up with a great mountain bike wheel set having used WTB rims.


The legendary Azonic Outlaw wheelset is back with some fresh colors and a few tweaks. With the included adapter kit the front hub can easily be changed from a standard quick release to a 20mm thru axle. The spoke count has been lowered to 32 to save a bit of weight and the rims have been redesigned to make sure the strength stays up where it’s supposed to.

Onyx Hubs

Manufactured in Minnesota  Onyx’s rear hubs employ a sprag clutch that runs essentially drag-free when not engaged, but it also manages to offer what feels like instant engagement when it’s time to put the power down.

Industry Nine Tourch Hubs

Featuring all of the advatages of the Torch hub mechanism-low drag, low weight, and the ultimate in axle compatibility- tied into a traditional, “Classic” hub. Torch Classic hubs are the solution for any rider seeking a approachable flanged hub to build into a no-compromise, high-performance wheelset.

DT Swiss Hubs

Multiple features make the legendary DT Swiss hub a winner: like the Ratchet System or the press fit assembly which allows to convert the hubs into almost any currently existing axle configuration, making them compatible with almost every bike.

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